Cow of the Week

November 29, 2013

Happy Friday, dairy friends. It’s time to bid farewell to November and get in the festive spirit as December comes galloping in.

Wrangling in December is our Cow of the Week, this week’s winner is … (drum roll) … Happy Cow.

Happy Cow

Happy Cow symbolises the happiness that November, the most depressing month of the year, is finally ending and we can officially start feeling Christmassy. I’m itching to get my best of Xmas soundtrack on and the Christmas tree up.

Christmas is round the corner, the weekend’s close in sight and I dare you to look at Happy Cow without cracking a grin.

Happy Cow you’re our jolly inspiration.

Cow of the Week

November 22, 2013

Good afternoon everyone! We at the Dairy have had a very busy week and our Cow of the Week represents us today.

You might have guessed it, I bet it’s how you all feel by Friday. That’s right, this week’s Dairy Cow of the Week is … (drum roll)… Tired Cow.


Tired Cow symbolises the real Friday feeling. Tired Cow is not excited or jumping around singing TGIF, no, Tired Cow does not want to go out tonight in the cold. All Tired Cow wants is to wrap up, collapse on the couch and watch Eastenders. And Tired Cow is not embarrassed to admit it.

Tired Cow we empathise with you. We’ll see you on the couch with mugs of Hot Chocolate!

Cow of the Week

November 15, 2013

It’s Friday at last and we’re midway through November with Christmas creeping up on us faster than Usain Bolt. Don’t panic though, we won’t have a different Christmas cow for the next five weeks. We’re not the bovine equivalent of the advent calender.

Cow of the Week this week is even further away than Christmas, you could even say that they’re out of this world. Yes, this week’s winner is … (drum roll) …. Space Cow.

space cow

Space Cow has been elected in honour of all the space delights suddenly hitting our screens. I’m talking about the new Clooney/Bullock blockbuster gravity, the upcoming episode of Doctor Who (goodbye Mr Smith), and Brian Cox’s fascinating and mind boggling look at the Science of Doctor Who. (I’m not quite sure what you said Brian but it all sounded very impressive).

Space Cow, even though your chances of getting up there are about as high as bumping into George Clooney when making a cup of coffee (damn those Nespresso adverts), keep dreaming. You truly put the fiction in sci-fi.

Cow of the Week

November 8, 2013

Hello everyone, well thank goodness it’s Friday again.  Time for Strictly, X factor and heavy calorific food (after all it is winter).

It’s time for The Dairy Cow of the Week and this week’s winner is … (drum roll)… Historic Cow.


historic cow

Historic Cow has been crowned the lucky winner in homage to Bonfire Night. Yes, many years ago, (in 1604) on the tuesday just gone, Guy Fawkes failed to blow up the houses of parliament. Historic Cow, in all his majesty, is relieved all the celebratory fireworks are over as they frighten his people. Really when you commemorate historic events, one must consider the cows.

Our apologies Historic Cow, we’ll bother you again at New Year.

Cow of the Week

November 1, 2013

Hello there! It’s Friday again and that can only mean one thing. It’s time for the Dairy cow of the week.

This week’s winner …. (drum roll)…. Startled Cow!

startled cow

Like many of us out there, Startled Cow is, well, startled that it’s not only Friday again, but November!

Where’s summer gone? Where’s the daylight?

Well here’s to the next eight months of winter that we’ve all been looking forward to.

Wrap up warm and get your torches ready for five O clock.

Try not to be too startled, Startled Cow, like the mad one with the knife in the movies, we all knew winter would come back.

Cow of the Week

October 25, 2013

Happy Friday, we hope everyone has end of the week smiles. Yet again it’s time for our Friday bovine extravaganza.

This week’s winner is … (drum roll) … Magical Cow.

Magical Cow

Magical Cow has been chosen for the very obvious reason that it’s nearly Halloween! There’s six days left to buy your costumes and barricade your houses against unsolicited munchkins (i.e. trick or treaters).

If Magical Cow can get in the spooky spirit then so can we!

Magical Cow I tip my pointed hat to you.

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Cow of the Week

October 18, 2013

It’s the penultimate Friday of the month and winter is stretched out hopelessly in front of us for the unfortunate and foreseeable future. Though the weather may seem bleak, we have something to brighten your day, it’s time for our Cow of the Week.

This week’s winner is … (drum roll) … Oblivious Cow!

Oblivious Cow

Now, it was a tough call this week, but Oblivious Cow has been chosen as a reminder to us all to soldier on despite the heavy loads we carry.

Oblivious Cow, you have shown us how to keep our heads down and get on with our jobs, blissfully unaware of anything else which could hazardously distract us.

Carry on Oblivious Cow, don’t let life get on your goat.

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Cow of the Week

October 11, 2013

Friday again folks, that means it’s time for the award you’ve all been waiting for. Not the Oscars, not the BAFTAs but … Cow of the Week!

This week’s winner is … (drum roll)…. Runaway Cow!

runaway cow

Runaway Cow symbolises the squashing need to escape that we all have. Runaway Cow has done what we are too sensible to, she has packed her things and headed off. To where? Who knows! But she has gone to pastures new (in her case, quite literally new pastures).

Good luck Runaway Cow! We wish you luck in your new field!

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Cow of the Week

October 4, 2013

Good Afternoon and TGIF! It’s time for our Dairy Cow of the week!

I know what you’re thinking, how could Wannabe Cow possibly be topped? But we’re nominating a new winner this week nevertheless.

This week’s top Cow is … (Drum Roll) … Rebel Cow!

rebel cow

Rebel Cow has been chosen as a symbol of the Friday spirit. It’s the weekend, it’s time to let our hair down, go dancing, get a piercing, spend Sunday regretting Saturday’s piercing and trying to make ourselves decent again for Monday morning.

Rebel Cow we admire your weekend spirit, even if it’s not that practical outside of the field.

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