The Internship

July 31, 2013



My name is Siba Munsanje and I am one of the latest interns at the dairy. I study
Marketing, Design and communications at Nottingham Trent University. I enjoy reading
novels and watching films in my spare time. 
I decided to become an intern and gain some experience while I still could. Being a
student nowadays means we have to face the harsh reality that graduating with just a
degree is risky at best.  To get a job you need experience. To get experience, you need a
job. It’s a cruel cycle. 
So you can imagine my delight when I read the email inviting me for an interview at
the dairy. My mum was probably more excited than I was. She was always nagging me to
get a job. She even packed my lunch on the first day, which she hasn’t done since I
was 12! 
That should give you an idea of how excited I was to be an intern. Its only been two
days but I’ve already tackled some interesting tasks. Thankfully, doing the work
wasn’t as intimidating as I had expected. I realized just how university prepared me
for some of the jobs. Work has ranged from carrying out market research on a client
to drawing up marketing costs for another. It is all very exciting. 
 Everyone at the Dairy is friendly and outgoing. The atmosphere in the office is
very relaxed. It’s very easy to settle in and get comfortable. I am looking forward
to my next few weeks here.

My last day

May 17, 2013

I’m sad to say that today is my last day of my internship with The Dairy. The past 5 weeks have literally flown by!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the guys and have learnt a great deal from them. I’ve done my fair share of tea making and paper scanning (but I expected that, with an intern job title) but also Nige and Kathryn have really got me involved in the agency. I’ve been busy with helping out at a photo shoot, answering the phone, replying to emails, contributed my thoughts on a clients rebranding project and been managing the social networking site. I’m really grateful for this opportunity they have given me!

This experience has given me a good insight into what the marketing world is all about and I hope I have made a positive contribution to the agency whilst i’ve been here 🙂


May 1, 2013

I’m Adam I will also be part of the dairy team over the next few weeks! I came to the dairy in early January eager, and hoping for the right placement to gain some great experience. I was very grateful to be accepted on a six week placement. I’m currently a third year student at Nottingham Trent but in my second year on a Business and Psychology Degree. Thankfully I changed course early on from sport to my course now; the other course just wasn’t quite right for me and felt I could achieve more in the exciting world of business!

I’ve loved my three years at Trent and really enjoyed my course. But I realise the importance of experience to go with a degree. Luckily I’ve had quite a bit of work experience, as I’ve worked from the age of 14, but I lacked the experience in the business environment, until I got to the dairy.

I currently work part time for the Lee Westwood Sports centre, which is Trent’s sport facility; I’ve worked there for nearly three years now and have to say that it’s a great place to work and a challenging environment with over 2,000 members. I’ve worked in bars and restaurants over these three years during my summer and Christmas breaks from University. I also worked for The Holiday inn Plymouth from the age of 16 – 18 whilst at college; I was quite glad to see the back of that job!

I’ve had a great few weeks so far at the dairy and gained some valuable experience, I now understand that you can learn more working for a business than sitting in a Lecture theatre. I hope I can have a positive impact on the dairy and contribute to the best of my ability and enjoy these coming weeks as much as I’ve enjoyed the past few.




I’m Rachel and I will be part of the Dairy team for the next few weeks. I approached The Dairy very eagerly 5 months ago looking for a 5 week placement and here I am now! I am currently a second year student at Nottingham Trent University studying the interesting world of fashion marketing and branding. This course enables me to learn about the importance of brand identity, marketing strategies and visual presentation.

Being a student is a whole different ball game these days, not only does it involve meeting a vast amount of new friends, learning the art of cooking and juggling your finance. It seems having a degree isn’t as impressive as it used to be. It is also about the experience you have gained over the years. So I am very fortunate to be given this opportunity with The Dairy!

My previous experiences involve working for Sainsbury’s in their Headquarters situated in Holborn, London where I worked in their marketing department. Then in October 2010, I was fortunate enough to be able to work in Karen Millen’s head office for a weeks work placement in London. During my time with them, I worked with the global marketing department learning about different marketing strategies and how these are implemented on a global scale. I also learnt the importance of social networking and marketing through online channels and from this I started my own blog and twitter. This then gave me the confidence to spend one day a week during my first year of university, working with a new designer based in Nottingham where I put what I had learnt into practice. My role involved writing press releases and sending it out to relevant magazines and newspaper in which I successfully managed to get products featured in Vogue.  

So far, I’ve really enjoyed working with The Dairy team and hope to make a positive contribution to the agency during my time with them.



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