Cow of the Week

November 15, 2013

It’s Friday at last and we’re midway through November with Christmas creeping up on us faster than Usain Bolt. Don’t panic though, we won’t have a different Christmas cow for the next five weeks. We’re not the bovine equivalent of the advent calender.

Cow of the Week this week is even further away than Christmas, you could even say that they’re out of this world. Yes, this week’s winner is … (drum roll) …. Space Cow.

space cow

Space Cow has been elected in honour of all the space delights suddenly hitting our screens. I’m talking about the new Clooney/Bullock blockbuster gravity, the upcoming episode of Doctor Who (goodbye Mr Smith), and Brian Cox’s fascinating and mind boggling look at the Science of Doctor Who. (I’m not quite sure what you said Brian but it all sounded very impressive).

Space Cow, even though your chances of getting up there are about as high as bumping into George Clooney when making a cup of coffee (damn those Nespresso adverts), keep dreaming. You truly put the fiction in sci-fi.

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