I’m Rachel and I will be part of the Dairy team for the next few weeks. I approached The Dairy very eagerly 5 months ago looking for a 5 week placement and here I am now! I am currently a second year student at Nottingham Trent University studying the interesting world of fashion marketing and branding. This course enables me to learn about the importance of brand identity, marketing strategies and visual presentation.

Being a student is a whole different ball game these days, not only does it involve meeting a vast amount of new friends, learning the art of cooking and juggling your finance. It seems having a degree isn’t as impressive as it used to be. It is also about the experience you have gained over the years. So I am very fortunate to be given this opportunity with The Dairy!

My previous experiences involve working for Sainsbury’s in their Headquarters situated in Holborn, London where I worked in their marketing department. Then in October 2010, I was fortunate enough to be able to work in Karen Millen’s head office for a weeks work placement in London. During my time with them, I worked with the global marketing department learning about different marketing strategies and how these are implemented on a global scale. I also learnt the importance of social networking and marketing through online channels and from this I started my own blog and twitter. This then gave me the confidence to spend one day a week during my first year of university, working with a new designer based in Nottingham where I put what I had learnt into practice. My role involved writing press releases and sending it out to relevant magazines and newspaper in which I successfully managed to get products featured in Vogue.  

So far, I’ve really enjoyed working with The Dairy team and hope to make a positive contribution to the agency during my time with them.



Hello from Marianne! :)

November 26, 2012

Hi there everyone 🙂
My name is Marianne and I’ve just started two weeks work experience at The Dairy. For the benefit of your imaginations, in case you’re wondering who this new girl is, I will tell you a bit about myself. I’m 19, a girl (I’d hope it’s obvious from my name, but just to be sure!) and I study English at the University of Nottingham. You should hopefully be able to see a picture of me here at the office giving The Dairy a big thumbs up (Y).
Now then, I should probably tell you a bit about what it’s like here at The Dairy and what I will be doing. It wasn’t the best start ever to be honest, bearing in mind I arrived for my first day about twenty minutes late, freaking out that I’d made a horrible first impression and would be in everyone’s bad books before I’d even started.  Even though I’m at uni now and haven’t been in school for nearly two years, I still expect to get in trouble for being late. So I was pleasantly surprised when, after a rather stressed explanation of the road-works and traffic that caused my lateness, Nigel didn’t tell me off. Success!
I’m delighted to say that I have been given my own desk space, which means I now officially feel like a working woman. I think though, since I’m only here for two weeks, I’ll hold off on filling my wardrobe with sharp power suits and briefcases! I have a list of jobs to do while I’m here, and they all seem pretty exciting to be honest. So far today I have been creating a facebook page, which is possibly one of the best things ever to do on work experience. Spend all day on facebook? Yes please!  I’m a little disappointed that the stereotypical work experience job of ‘make tea’ is nowhere to be seen on my list of jobs however, because I’m a girl who loves a nice, warm cup of tea – especially in this horrible weather! I am somewhat reassured though, because I have already enjoyed several cups of tea in the one and a half days that I’ve been here.
Everything is all very new and exciting at this stage, if a little overwhelming. Everybody seems really nice though, and luckily for me there aren’t too many names to remember! I’m hoping that, after my bad start, things go a lot more smoothly from now on. If I get the chance later on I will try to let you know, but for now that’s all from me!



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