The Yorkshire Intern.

January 22, 2013


My names Harriet – I will be interning at the Dairy for a couple of weeks.

I currently study at Nottingham Trent University – reading Media & Journalism . I’m in my 2nd year and stuff is starting to get serious now!

My previous experiences includes writing for my local paper back home in Doncaster,’The Free Press’ where my work made it to the front page. ( woohoo!) Iv also published several pieces for the magazine ‘Profile’ that works along side the paper.

I’m really looking forward to starting work here, PR and Advertising has come up a lot in my modules, its something that really interests me and I cant wait to gain further insight into it.

Hopefully I can make brilliant contributions to the company during my time here and really help to make a difference. This experience will further my studies massively, helping me to stand out from the crowd.

Being at the front new product launches, big events, and marketing extravaganza’s is definitely somewhere I have always seen myself – So now lets see if I’m cut out for it!

Let the hard work commence!

Harriet! 🙂


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