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November 21, 2012

I’m Sophia, a Nottingham Trent student studying Business Management and Marketing, and I’ll be joining The Dairy on Wednesday’s over the next couple of weeks to gain some work experience.

Last I was lucky enough to work for Waitrose’s marketing department whilst on study placement, which I absolutely loved!  And have now returned to University life…well to library life, (seems finalist live here- I’m starting to wonder why I paid for accommodation this year), to complete my final year at university.  So I’m really looking forward to holding onto the working world, if only for a couple of weeks, and learning how a smaller agency is run here at The Dairy.

And to cheer up the office on this grey and rainy day…and to earn some extra brownie points on my first day, I’ve bought in some cupcakes from my birthday earlier this week.

Bye for now, but I will be sure to post again next week.



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Distinguished Lecture Series

November 15, 2012

Looking forward to hearing Professor Sir Richard J Evans speaking tonight at Nottingham Trent University, The subject is ‘War in the Nazi Imagination’ and will explore the propaganda machine that was created during the war. Slightly heavy for a Thursday evening – but should be good – just seen that it is sold out…. Nige


marketing – design – web – pr – social media

Pimp My Brand!

November 14, 2012

Looking forward to spending the afternoon at Nottingham Trent University with our friends from Future Factory.

They have arranged all sorts of workshops for local businesses to visit and learn from. I was asked to be the marketing expert and talk to various people about their brands and brand development. They tell me lots of companies have booked in to see me – they get a quick, 15 minute slot to pitch their business and get some instant branding advice in return.

Find out more here – http://www.ntu.ac.uk/future_factory/events/upcoming_events/index.html

Should be fun!!! Nige


marketing – design – web – pr – social media

Over the past few months, the dairy team have been hard at work producing a new brand image for Nottingham based, Trent Management Training and Development Limited.

A new brand identity features on corporate stationary and new look website to complete the package.


marketing – design – web – pr – social media

The Toyota way

January 25, 2011

Last Thursday we attended a very interesting lecture given by Tony Walker, deputy managing director of Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd. He spoke about the role of people in the rise of Toyota and explained all about the Toyota Way. This includes a number of world wide known concepts like Kaizen which is still being taught in Universities all over the world. This is due to the pioneering role Toyota has taken on as being one of the most efficient companies in the world.

I am sure we can employ some of this thinking into The Dairy – especially the Kaizen concept which means a little improvement every day continuously.


PS. Did you know why it is named Toyota although the founders name was Kiichiro Toyoda? He decided to change the family name slightly so that it could be written with 8 brush strokes – 8 is a lucky number in Japan because it represents eternity. So Toyota was born.

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