We’ve just been reviewing the creative work for our own Christmas card here at dairy towers….

The most important job of the year and we can guarantee plenty of cheesiness again plus random shots of cows of course!

Look out for it coming soon….Happy Cow

It’s been a busy month here at dairy towers – so we thought we would end it in style (well ish!) by all going down to the noodle pub round the corner for a Thai lunch!

The answerphone wil be on if there are any urgent messages – in the meantime – bring on that Tom yam kung nam khon!




This is where we will be – http://www.alcazarbrewery.co.uk/pageview2.asp?nav=%3Cid=6%3E%3Cb%3ETHE%20FOX%20AND%20CROWN%3C/b%3E&cust=421

10 Years Ago Today…..

November 22, 2013

I remember it like it was yesterday. A bright Autumn Saturday morning, a peaceful lounge with the new wide screen TV tuned in to the Rugby World Cup Final. Australia V England….. could it get any better? The anxiety and fear, knowing that those pesky Aussies always seem to pull it out of the bag when they need to. But we had our our secret weapon – Jonny!


Re-live it here – http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2013/11/22/england-2003-rugby-world-cup-win_n_4321997.html

I shall be spending most of this afternoon doing just that!!! Nige

The dairy team is delighted to unveil the new website for our client Blueprint Regeneration. We have worked with Blueprint for four years now and thoroughly enjoy the mix of projects we work on – from No.1 Nottingham Science Park to Green Street in The Meadows and other planned regeneration in this area. Getting the right balance of the commercial developments and the sustainable credentials for this client is always a challenge – but one that we relish. Take a look at http://www.blueprintregeneration.com

The all new Blueprint web site Sept 13

The all new Blueprint web site Sept 13


May 1, 2013

I’m Adam I will also be part of the dairy team over the next few weeks! I came to the dairy in early January eager, and hoping for the right placement to gain some great experience. I was very grateful to be accepted on a six week placement. I’m currently a third year student at Nottingham Trent but in my second year on a Business and Psychology Degree. Thankfully I changed course early on from sport to my course now; the other course just wasn’t quite right for me and felt I could achieve more in the exciting world of business!

I’ve loved my three years at Trent and really enjoyed my course. But I realise the importance of experience to go with a degree. Luckily I’ve had quite a bit of work experience, as I’ve worked from the age of 14, but I lacked the experience in the business environment, until I got to the dairy.

I currently work part time for the Lee Westwood Sports centre, which is Trent’s sport facility; I’ve worked there for nearly three years now and have to say that it’s a great place to work and a challenging environment with over 2,000 members. I’ve worked in bars and restaurants over these three years during my summer and Christmas breaks from University. I also worked for The Holiday inn Plymouth from the age of 16 – 18 whilst at college; I was quite glad to see the back of that job!

I’ve had a great few weeks so far at the dairy and gained some valuable experience, I now understand that you can learn more working for a business than sitting in a Lecture theatre. I hope I can have a positive impact on the dairy and contribute to the best of my ability and enjoy these coming weeks as much as I’ve enjoyed the past few.




I’m Rachel and I will be part of the Dairy team for the next few weeks. I approached The Dairy very eagerly 5 months ago looking for a 5 week placement and here I am now! I am currently a second year student at Nottingham Trent University studying the interesting world of fashion marketing and branding. This course enables me to learn about the importance of brand identity, marketing strategies and visual presentation.

Being a student is a whole different ball game these days, not only does it involve meeting a vast amount of new friends, learning the art of cooking and juggling your finance. It seems having a degree isn’t as impressive as it used to be. It is also about the experience you have gained over the years. So I am very fortunate to be given this opportunity with The Dairy!

My previous experiences involve working for Sainsbury’s in their Headquarters situated in Holborn, London where I worked in their marketing department. Then in October 2010, I was fortunate enough to be able to work in Karen Millen’s head office for a weeks work placement in London. During my time with them, I worked with the global marketing department learning about different marketing strategies and how these are implemented on a global scale. I also learnt the importance of social networking and marketing through online channels and from this I started my own blog and twitter. This then gave me the confidence to spend one day a week during my first year of university, working with a new designer based in Nottingham where I put what I had learnt into practice. My role involved writing press releases and sending it out to relevant magazines and newspaper in which I successfully managed to get products featured in Vogue.  

So far, I’ve really enjoyed working with The Dairy team and hope to make a positive contribution to the agency during my time with them.



New Kid in town…

April 23, 2013


Hi I’m Kathryn Walker or Kay if you prefer, and I’m the new kid in town! With our beloved Gary Rush moving onto pastures green it became Nigel’s job to find a find a replacement for him sharpish, and boy was it a whirlwind.

After a quick phone call, possible the longest email selling myself,  then a meeting with me throwing as much hard copies of my work at him, he must have seen/heard something he liked because it was later that night that we agreed that I would join the team.

So now you know how I joined the team here’s a little bit about me and how I got here. I originally come from around this area, however I went to the University of Lincoln to study Advertising and Marketing. I loved the course, I was always a creative child so the thought of combing business and creativity was heaven to me! When I was at uni I always knew that I wanted to be on the agency side, it was my dream to be working with lots of people and different creative avenues.

Straight after uni I stayed in little Lincoln working at The Danwood Group  for nearly 3 years before coming back to my roots here. So here we are in the present, with Nigel essentially making my dream come true!

So that’s how I got here, and here is more about me. I like to play the piano and attempt to play the guitar (when it’s in tune), growing up I played cricket and rode horses but these day’s you’ll find me in the gym.  Then when I’m relaxing I like to read books and watch films whilst doing my nails – such a girl!

So I’d like to say thank you to Nigel, and that I can’t wait to really get stuck in and meet all of our lovely clients and partners to provide more great dairy service….

House hunters in Nottingham will be delighted to learn that plans are in place to expand the hugely successful Green Street in the Meadows sustainable housing development – the first of its kind in Nottingham.

The dairy have been busy developing a new look website to showcase the completed first phase and give prospective buyers a taste of the good things to come.

Take a look at http://www.ourgreenstreet.co.uk



marketing – design – pr – web – social media

The Derbyshire Intern

February 20, 2013


My names Andy – I will be interning at the Dairy for a couple of weeks.

I currently study at The University of Derby – BA Hons Degree in Commercial Photography. I’m in my 3rd and final year and everything is starting to come together quite nicely. Besides starting an internship here at the dairy I have recently been nominated for the Student Photographer Of The year 2012 “professional photographer of the year” and I’m actively involved in several ongoing commissions in various areas of photography. The commissions range from still life to fashion based work and in addition to this my personal work is being published in Professional Photographer Magazine in April, so to sum up I am a pretty busy lad right now but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

My previous experiences (work based and otherwise) include working as a freelance photographer and as a photographers assistant,

I’m really looking forward to starting work here, Marketing and Advertising is something that really interests me and I cant wait to gain further insight into the industry from another angle and hopefully develop some mutually beneficial contacts along the way.

Hopefully I can contribute to the company during my time here and really help to make a difference. This experience whilst not only helping me with my studies massively, it is helping me to stand out from the crowd as few student photographers will have experience in this environment.

For years I have known that Advertising is something that I want to be heavily involved with in the future –  Now I get to see and work on real live projects rather than just university module handbooks so its time to crack on!

game time! 😉

Andy, :) (im a photographer not a model so i make no apologies for that! ^^)



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The Yorkshire Intern.

January 22, 2013


My names Harriet – I will be interning at the Dairy for a couple of weeks.

I currently study at Nottingham Trent University – reading Media & Journalism . I’m in my 2nd year and stuff is starting to get serious now!

My previous experiences includes writing for my local paper back home in Doncaster,’The Free Press’ where my work made it to the front page. ( woohoo!) Iv also published several pieces for the magazine ‘Profile’ that works along side the paper.

I’m really looking forward to starting work here, PR and Advertising has come up a lot in my modules, its something that really interests me and I cant wait to gain further insight into it.

Hopefully I can make brilliant contributions to the company during my time here and really help to make a difference. This experience will further my studies massively, helping me to stand out from the crowd.

Being at the front new product launches, big events, and marketing extravaganza’s is definitely somewhere I have always seen myself – So now lets see if I’m cut out for it!

Let the hard work commence!

Harriet! 🙂


the dairy

marketing – design – pr -web – social media

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